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For over 30 years, Kortsystem has developed, produced and sold labelling systems for production flows, and is now the market leader in the Nordic countries. Our wide range of products means that we can deliver comprehensive solutions adapted to our customer’s wishes. We have a considerable competitive edge from having our own production facilities and thanks to our extensive experience of working on all types of installations, big and small.

We can create products that are unique to each customer, and can thereby meet the requirements of LEAN production, 5S and visual management principles.

Our products contribute to keeping spaces tidy and in good order, reducing waste and increasing efficiency – and that’s why more and more customers choose Kortsystem when it comes to labelling systems for their production flows.
Visualisation – for a lean and reliable production flow
In a production flow, a well-designed labelling system is an important resource that helps to reduce picking errors, misunderstandings and production stoppages, and to promote a safer workplace. Good labelling systems also ensure a lean and reliable production flow.

Kortsystem has safety signage products that are adapted for production environments.
5S - for tidiness and order
Everything has its place, and we take this seriously. For us, a good 5S workplace is commensurate to clear systematisation and labelling – it is only when this is present that we can reach a stage where processes can be stripped of anything unnecessary.
Thanks to our in-house signage, floor-markings and label production, we have the products required to realise a complete 5S workplace. The fact that they come in different forms to fit floors, walls, shelving or ceilings ensures that the products are well suited to keeping spaces tidy and in good order.
Visual management - for communication and continuing development
Kortsystem has a number of products for efficient communication in the workplace. Some examples of these include information boards that hold documents in place, magnetic tapes in different colours that differentiate between information messages, Kanban boards, card holders and different types of signs.
Through product development, our ambition is to find products that work well and that are simple to manufacture and use – it’s often simple solutions that work best!