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For over 30 years, Kortsystem has developed, produced and sold labelling systems for different types of warehouses. Today we are the market leader in the Nordic countries. Our wide range of products gives us the resources to deliver comprehensive solutions adapted to our customer’s wishes.

Our products contribute to keeping spaces tidy and in good order, reducing waste and increasing efficiency – and that’s why more and more customers choose Kortsystem when it comes to labelling systems for their warehouses.
Planning and design
Good warehouse labelling consists of several components, such as location labelling, aisle signs, floor markings, safety signage and information boards. For good results, it is important to consider from the planning stage how the labelling system will be used, and the environment in which it will be located.

We help actively with choosing the right labelling system.
Thanks to our own production facilities, we have full control over our supply. We have methods to ensure that products are manufactured according to the specifications given. Efficient processes and a high degree of automation lead to high quality and delivery by the agreed time.
If our standard products aren’t suitable, we can quickly make samples to be tested in your environment.
Delivery, installation and follow-up
In larger installations, time is often critical and there may not be much time before the facility is put into operation. We can help by preparing several components in the factory and so cut lead times. You can avoid time-consuming sorting and begin final assembly immediately upon delivery.

Few labelling systems are set up instantly; additions and maintenance are needed and new elements have to be added. Kortsystem’s products help you to supplement and extend your labelling system.