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With our heart in the Swedish plastic and rubber industries, we have been able to develop the efficient and flexible manufacture of store labelling products, together with sub-contractors and highly competent staff. With a number of distinguished chains as customers, we have experience in dealing with high volumes and tough global competition.

At Kortsystem we offer efficient production with a personal touch – that’s why more and more customers are choosing Kortsystem when it comes to store labelling.
Store communication
In order to communicate with store customers clearly and in a welcoming tone, we offer a range of different plastic pockets. We have extensive experience of handling different volumes for our store customers. That’s why we have a production facility that can handle both fully automated and manual heat bending of plastic pockets.

We can also help in the development of new products – thanks to our own production facility, we can produce samples for testing in your store environment.
Pricing and product information
Clear pricing and product information boosts sales.

Our label holders are available in many forms to provide clear pricing and product information.
Display products
Store communication requires a variety of products; sometimes the message needs to stand on its own – for example, at a checkout counter.
We can offer several menu and display products in thicker plastics.